Greenwich and Blackheath sit together as compatibly as twins four miles south east of London Bridge, the town dangling its feet in the water, the village with its head in the air. They are complementary and in places overlap, but they are far from identical twins.

Greenwich is a workaday town with a waterfront that is largely industrial: Blackheath is a comfortable village on the edge of an open expanse where games are played, kites flown, dogs walked and fairs enjoyed. In compensation for Blackheath's rural charm, Greenwich can boast a long history, royal associations, spectacular views and monumental buildings that annually attract two million visitors.

Young Greenwich residents mostly working in London have made their homes in small houses that have more than a vestige of Regency charm. Blackheath also has a new generation of Span dwellers but people living in larger houses surrounding the Heath tend to be older and longer settled.

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