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Virtual Locations provide panoramic services for webmasters, companies, designers and individuals who require locations and environments to be displayed in panoramic vistas. There are many opportunities and projects that could benefit from the integration of panoramic images, multimedia presentations and Internet web sites come to mind but there are others like the ability to send a virtual picture of your home to a prospective buyer via e-mail.. You can view our partners and choose the nearest to you to minimize traveling and accommodation costs

Panoramic images come in two main formats QVTR (cylindrical) and IPIX (spherical) There is a major debate on the propriety product which is IPIX due to it's patent on the use of fish eye lens to capture the images. Although there is much anger to this from fellow photographers we at Virtual Locations see no problem in a company developing an unique product and wishing to protect it's patent. If a company spends millions of pounds in developing and marketing a product why shouldn't they be able to reap the benefits. However we also support the other form of spherical environments Cubic format which is produced by Apple Quicktime. This allows a series of standard pictures to be stitched together to form a 360 x 360 degree environment. You will see all three formats on this web site. All you have to do is choose which format best suits your project.